Sure, your car maybe brand new. Sure, you bought it less than two years ago and it still has that new car smell. Sure, you consistently change the oil and fluids in it. All these things can be true, but that does not mean you should ever skip that factory scheduled maintenance in Canyon Country, CA.

It may seem like a pain in the neck to take care of such a minor maintenance, but it’s not when you come to Tom’s Transmission & Auto Service. Since opening their doors in 1978, father and son team, Tom and Brian, have dedicated their professional lives to educating themselves and experiencing anything and everything when it comes to auto repair and maintenance. They are the number one choice for a seamless service when it comes to a factory scheduled maintenance in Canyon Country, CA. Upkeep to your car is not only taking care of roadside hazards and the gradual wear and tear, but making sure your vehicle is being inspected and maintenance regularly. This only assists in making sure your car’s lifespan lasts for many more years and miles than expected. Factory scheduled maintenance in Canyon Country, CA is put in place for a reason.

At Tom’s Transmission & Auto Service, they hit every point of inspection that your specific factory manufacturer calls for. Factory scheduled maintenance in Canyon Country, CA covers and inspects a wide array of systems in your vehicle including brakes, transmission, engine, fluids, electrical, air conditioning, lights, latches, windows, mirrors, exhaust, and much more. When you bring your vehicle to Tom’s, it is a seamless and simple service.

It doesn’t matter if that scheduled maintenance is 30,000 mile, 60,000 mile, 90,000 mile, or even 120,000 mile, it benefits the owner to have it done and keep their vehicle operating at peak performance. Factory scheduled maintenance in Canyon Country, CA is necessary for new and old vehicles alike. It does not matter the make, model, or year of your vehicle, Tom’s team of expert technicians are prepared to assist in getting your car back on the road, driving smoothly and safely.

Whether you live in Canyon Country, or in one of its surrounding areas of Antelope Valley, Tom’s Transmission & Auto Service is your only choice to make for this important maintenance. No matter what you drive, for a dealer alternative for factory scheduled maintenance in Canyon Country, CA, do yourself a favor and give Tom’s team of expert technicians a call today.

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