Transmissions are what they are all about. Specializing in transmission repair, replacement, and maintenance since opening their doors in 1978, owners Tom and Brian have dedicated their professional lives to extending their knowledge and experience in the art of transmission repair in Canyon Country, CA.

It is right there in their title, Tom’s Transmission & Auto Service are the leaders in transmission repair in Canyon Country, CA. A correctly performing transmission is detrimental to the longevity of not only your engine, but your entire vehicle. If you are feeling a lack of response, hearing whining, clunking, and humming, have leaking fluids, smell a burning odor, or simply have a check engine light glaring in your face, then it could mean your transmission needs to be serviced immediately.

At Tom’s Transmission & Auto Service, they are not only experts at the actual service, but diagnosing the exact problem with that transmission. If the transmission is not operating correctly, then that means your engine is straining to change gears hurting your engine and creating drags in your clutch. Transmission repair in Canyon Country, CA is such a precise service need that you must have only the best.

Owner and operator, Brian, is an ASE master automobile technician that has been working on vehicles’ transmissions since he had to stand on milk crates to see over the bumper. With ever transmission repair in Canyon Country, CA rendered, Tom’s provides a two year, 24,000 mile warranty (up to three year, 50,000 mile warranty on transmission rebuilds.

No matter the make, model, or year of your vehicle, Tom’s team of expert technicians are equipped to repair, service, rebuild, replace, or maintain your transmission. So, if you live in Canyon Country, or in the surrounding area of Antelope Valley, then look no further. Transmission, it’s in their name.

Do not let those transmission issues get out of control. When you feel that clutch lagging or those gears slipping, you know who you need to call. Tom’s Transmission & Auto Service is your one stop shop for any and all needs when it comes to transmission repair in Canyon

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