Q: What type of maintenance does my transmission need?

Newer model vehicles require fluid and filter changes at regular intervals depending on how often and how far you drive. Our technicians will test drive and also check for any leaks and other possible abnormalities.

Q: What are signs that I need transmission repair?

There may be hesitation when changing gears or the gears may change too rapidly. There may be leaking fluid or your check engine light may be on.

Q: Is there anything that would require my vehicle to be serviced more often than usual?

Heavy duty trucks, ie tow trucks; any type of performance vehicle and race cars, any severe driving conditions. If your car or truck has overheated, a transmission service should be performed.

Q: Do all transmissions require transmission fluid?

ALL transmissions require transmission fluid, some cars do require special fluid. Fluid type is indicated on the transmission fluid dipstick and in the vehicle owners manual.

Q: What does ASE Certification and ATRA mean to me?

Please visit www.ase.com and www.atra.com to find out about the benefits of these organizations.

Q: How do I know the transmission repair shop I take my vehicle to is a “good” shop?

Check with people you know and trust, word of mouth is always the best. How long have they been in business? The longevity of a business is key so investigate how long they have been in business. Make sure they have their licensing displayed. Find out what organizations they are affiliated with and if their technicians are ASE Certified.

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